Our company services schools all over New York city doing staff development, teacher training, and after school programs related to supporting children; but we needed help, and so we searched on Google for a company with good reviews that was close by that could create the signs, decals, and stickers for our company


How did Balbuena Graphics fall into that criteria; and how helpful was the team throughout the designing process?

They were all very supportive! Balbuena graphics took the time to make sure that not only the design was what we wanted, but that the experience was a quality one as well. So I want thank Balbuena Graphics for the great job they did in putting up our sign “Educators For Student Success”


And would you utilize Balbuena graphics’ printing services again in the future: or recommend the company to anyone you know.


Certainly! We’re doing great work, schools are very happy with us, and because of Balbuena’s designs, people are able to see us, to know who we are. We’re in about 120 schools right now, and we’ll be expanding our program this coming year. I’d definitely recommend the company to anyone, they were great! And anyone interested needing the services of our company, please call our number: 718-652-4847.









Happy to get very professional business cards for my business

100% Pleased to have better business cards

I really love my new business cards. Let's go for business!!

More Affordable and more professional. Thank you Printing Solutions

Completely fascinated by my new menu design. So I ordered Table menu and Tr-fold.

Simply "seductive" invitations...  I wanted a special invitation for a special event and I got it!

Simple, Professional and Fast, and the result is incredible!! Thank you Printing Solutions

I like everything about these tees: Design, printing quality and the price of course!!

Beautiful pictures and  nice design.. Thank you, and see you for more posters.

With this new sign, my window looks tasty and I'm having more and more customers. Thank you Printing Solutions.

Thanks to Printing Solutions,I get a beautiful design to impress my customers!

With over 10 years of experience in Graphic Design

we can take your business to the next level.


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